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What are Clients Saying?
                                Corporate / Organizational Clients

"I sponsored a Customer First program to create best-in-class service for our internal and external clients and improve profits.  Laura led a team that set strategy and delivered training to the entire firm of 500.  Laura and her team convinced managers to experience and support the training first, followed by a weekend kick-off training event for all staff....

Management was thrilled with the results and clients immediately noted service improvements.  Laura then introduced monthly workshops to reinforce the new skills, training a volunteer cadre of employees to deliver these.  Laura has great skills and I recommend her highly." -President of large capital markets organization

"We were very impressed by your presentations and the time spent preparing each piece.  Your efforts will help each one who attended, including myself."  
Industry Trade Association Board member - regarding Career Transition & Networking Skills seminar presented at Annual Conference

"I worked closely with Laura when she was contracted as a subject matter expert with FT Knowledge for a very large distributed learning project for a major U.S. private bank.  The project requested an incredible commitment, flexibility and staggering professionalism.  Despite all the challenges Laura remained professional, on task and extremely pleasant.  I would not hesitate to work with Laura again." -Director of Services and project manager for the described engagement

"Thanks so much for your assistance.... I know the conditions have not been optimal, yet you have been more than accommodating whenever there has been a hiccup - we truly appreciate it!" -HR representative for credit union - regarding coaching sessions with individual managers

"Your presentation was fantastic, and ... I cannot emphasize enough the helpfulness of the workbooks.  I thought the material you covered was well organized because it gave a broad view of financial markets and institutions and narrowed the scope as the training continued.  Everything presented clearly was intertwined with the rest of the material, and made it easy to follow and understand.  Also, using real-world examples enhanced the material because it was easier to relate to." -Participant in customized Capital Markets program

"Laura is very knowledgeable, and her Networking Skills program is excellent.  It addressed many of my concerns about the networking process and is helping me to achieve much better results." -Participant in Networking Skills workshop

                                           Resume Clients

"I want you to know what a great experience this has turned out to be - beyond my expectations!  I will gladly share my story with friends and colleagues."
-CAO of financial services firm

"You're the best....  I will definitely recommend as many people as I can to you."
-Head of Trading

"[I'm] glad to hear you enjoy it ... this is definitely about a long term relationship here.... Thank you again for being so helpful and instrumental to the advancement of my career." -Equity Derivatives Sales Trader